Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple. We ensure that we ethically source our sheabutter from naturally derived  grown shea nut trees in Western Africa.  We are a social enterprise determined to make a difference to the lives of rural women in Africa, usually the silent contributors to the financial market economy in least developing economies.
  • To create our skincare, we formulate our products with other naturally derived or certified organic ingredients.
  • Majority of our products are plant based and vegan friendly.
  • However, in a limited selection  of products such as the lip balms, we use pure and natural beeswax, which is by-product of honey bees. The beeswax is sourced from an approved bee seller in the UK ensuring the right conditions of the beehive and bees community.
  • Testing of products: We do not test the performance of our products on animals. We send our sheabutter for cosmetics product testing which is required by UK law and to give our customers confidence that we are ensuring that products are safe to use and tested.
  • Packaging: Our ingredients are packaged in recyclable non-corrosive aluminium tins and paper packaging - reducing waste and the leaching of the products which can be common when plastic packaging is used over time.