We are all about sheabutter and formulating natural and organic skincare. Did you know that sheabutter has been used for centuries in Africa with extensive applications in skincare and cooking? Well, now you know. Popularly known as 'African gold', sheabutter has extensive benefits to the skin. Unrefined sheabutter is emollient, protective, deeply moistrising and anti-inflammatory, sheabutter with its essential fatty acids and natural sun blocking properties, sheabutter is indeed versatile.

We formulate our natural skincare by hand using the best sourced sheabutter directly from local market women in Nigeria and Ghana and UK based organic cold pressed oils to bring you skincare products that are effective and for all skin types.

Our mission is simple: we aim to bring you nourishing natural body butters that will benefit your skin


Our CALMING BALM for sensitive skin is our sell out product. We know why...you will not find a more soothing body butter to nourish your skin and calm down the symptoms of dry skin, eczema and psoriasis prone skin. Created for those with sensitive skin in mind, the calming balm is made up with over 70% sheabutter and full of the most calming oils of the chamomile flower plant, the cold pressed oil from the calendula plant and geranium. For centuries chamomile has been found to calm the insides. Find comfort for your skin with our calming balm. We promise, your skin will love you for it!
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We are a small business and available for showcasing our products at local artisan markets and brand exchanges with pop up shops. In 2024, we were fortunate to showcase our skincare brand at John Lewis Newcastle branch. Do get in touch if you'd like to know more about collaboration opportunities with our social enterprise.

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