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Welcome to my website. Let me take you on a journey of my social enterprise business, Bojolar Natural Skincare. Growing up in Nigeria, I have nostalgic memories of the application of shea butter to my skin for everything.

Living in the UK, North East region for over 25 years, I was surprised that sheabutter was highly refined and was not effective for my skin. As a scientist (Ph.D.) who loved formulating skincare and also had a passion for empowering rural African women, our business was born to ensure shea butter is in the hands of as many of my friends and family here in the UK, but that as many people were truly aware of the amazing benefits of natural and unrefined shea butter to their skin.

I am committed to sourcing sheabutter directly from rural west African women - who are the true custodians of the shea nut trees for centuries, and have cultivated the shea plant and the sheabutter processing for centuries!

Harnessing the power of sheabutter to make natural and organic skincare products that work for all skin types is what I aim for. All skincare is hand made in the North East of England in small batches to ensure quality products reach you in the best condition.

Calm your skin

With our calming balm rich which is full of naturally unrefined sheabutter and organic essential oils of the chamomile flower with cold pressed calendula oil.

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Body Care

Our body care collection is the ultimate collection of moisturising butters for...