Social Enterprise & Local Markets

Our social enterprise exists to empower rural African women. We trade directly from the women in rural markets predominantly in Nigeria and Ghana. The women are the true custodians of sheabutter. They have worked with the shea tree and shea plant for centuries, using it for diverse purposes- its deeply moisturising properties and its numerous benefits to the skin and body. These women cultivate, process and trade in shea butter for a living, but with the expansion of markets using shea butter as a cocoa butter equivalent in confectionary, and industry, these local artisan way of producing and using sheabutter is at risk! This is why we are committed to ensuring we source directly from women like in the photo above in the markets when I went to Nigeria.

As a researcher, an international development scientist and enthusiast, and a lover of all things naturally based skincare, I have a passion and a vision to truly educate people on the power of sheabutter, harness its beauty and in turn empower rural women based in West Africa. I am inspired by the science of African Sheabutter - how it retains its structure, and natural composition to directly protect, moisturise and heal the skin. I am also acutely aware of how rural women engaged in shea activity are at the bottom of the global trade chain. Due to the lack of readily available unrefined and natural sheabutter products in mainstream markets, Bojolar Natural Skincare bring sheabutter to the forefront of skincare.

September Market : Urban Green 16.09.2023

October Market : John Lewis 6 -8 October 

November Market: Mayfli 5th of November 

December : TBC