Social Enterprise & Local Markets

''Bojolar'' is synonymous with Bunmi, the Director and Founder of Bojolar Natural Skincare. From nostalgic Nigerian roots and childhood memories in the bustling city of Lagos, Bunmi fondly recalls her mother using sheabutter on her skin and hair to soften and protect her skin. As far as her mama was concerned, sheabutter was useful for pretty much everything! Sheabutter (aka African gold) is well known and has been used for centuries ( & that's no exaggeration!) in African settings in its purest and unrefined form. In rural Africa, sheabutter is predominantly in the control of women ensuring that they have a source of income. They sell their produce in local markets. 

Now residing in the UK, Dr Bunmi, a researcher, an international development scientist and enthusiast, and a lover of all things naturally based skincare has a vision to empower rural women based in West Africa.

She is inspired by the Science of African Sheabutter and how it retains its structure, and natural composition to directly protect, moisturise and heal the skin. She is also acutely aware of how rural women engaged in shea activity are at the bottom of the global trade chain, which has led her to create her own line of natural skincare and research on the conditions under which women are able to participate fully in sheabutter activities.

Due to the lack of readily available unrefined and natural sheabutter products in mainstream markets, Bunmi was determined to bring sheabutter to the forefront of skincare and create her own line of products using exactly that- unrefined sheabutter processed by the hands of rural African women.

If you did not know, unrefined sheabutter is scientifically proven ( to have antioxidant and anti -inflammatory properties, essential fatty acids and Vitamin E content for protecting, soothing, healing and moisturising the skin.

September Market : Urban Green 16.09.2023

October Market : John Lewis 6-8/ 10/ 2023