Are your hands ready in 2020

Are your hands ready in 2020


 This blog has been modified and revised to reflect the Spring season and the fact that in 2020  we are currently living in such an unprecedented time with the COVID -19 disease. Initially written in the Autumn of 2018, little did we know that in Spring 2020, our hands will be so crucial to saving our lives. The changes in season gives me HOPE that this too will end.So with this in mind, a re-publish of this blog was important for us as a skincare business.

 Our skin is the first barrier to be most battered from extreme weathers. Are your hands ready for this? If you are like me, I tend not to focus on my hands until it becomes a tad too late. However, they show the first signs of ageing. Everyone ‘seemingly’ looks at our hands when we shake them right (oh for the day we will be able to hug and shake each other!) or they seem to be on display often (in my head anyway!)

Our hands can be so complex and intricately designed. Our jobs sometimes determine how we use our hands. Whether you are a full-time mum; a working mum; a general practitioner; a surgeon; a nurse; project manager; builder; gardener; baker; chef; engineer; technologist, and the list goes on… the point is  there are a myriad of ways we use our hands. So why do we mostly focus on the face and body mostly? 

Now, we cannot emphasise enough that our hands need looking after. With all the hand washing we need to protect our hands more than ever for the following reasons:

Reasons to protect your hands: 

  • Our hands are generally the first point of touch the body uses every day Protecting them could mean you are protecting your whole body.
  • They can be the first part of your body to show inflammation or bacterial infection which shouldn’t be ignored.
  • There are so many tendons, ligaments, nerves, blood vessels, all inter joined to make movement possible such as precision, grip, and sense of touch.
  • They can show the first signs of ageing: As we age, the skin on the hands thin out making it even more vulnerable to the elements.
  • Nails and cuticles can be the first point of entry for dirt and grime and bacteria! Keep clean nails and short if possible (I know! Those beautiful looking long nails trend might not be the best option depending on the nature of work you do!)
  •  Prevent the build-up of dead skin that occur over time by using a natural hand scrub routine to reveal fresher healthier looking skin.
  • Dry hands can feel leathery, dry and lack lustre after such intense exposure to the environments.

We created Our Hands and Feet Scrub & Our Nourishing Hand balm to bring about a dual solution to protecting your hands. We have been out of stock for some time due to one of our key ingredients out of production .These will be in stock in the summer so follow us on Instagram & Twitter to know when we re-stock these.


Our scrub is the ultimate indulgence for your hands with natural African shea butter, lavender, marula oils from the Namibian hills, and organic honey and brown sugar. This combination is set to reduce inflammation and bacterial action whilst removing dead skin cells. With the removal of dead skin, it is important to add moisture to your hands to protect it from the harshness of the environment. Our body butters can also be used to moisturise your skin. 

Check out any of our body butters for sensitive skin and/ or normal to dry skin. Rich in sheabutter, cocoa-butter and essential oils to nourish your skin, you can be guaranteed natural goodness and protection.


 At the time of writing this blog, the UK confirmed we are out of the peak of the virus but we are not out of the woods yet. Keep washing those hands, keep your social distance and stay safe and well! We are in this together!

Stay Safe,  Stay home,  and keep washing those hands.

 Bunmi x

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