“CHEILITIS”- Our natural lip balm solution

“CHEILITIS”- Our natural lip balm solution

''Cheilitis''...say what?”

According to NHS, there are a number of different reasons why one can suffer from cheilitis, with the most common from saliva yeast infection.

Counter intuitive as it may be, licking of lips can actually worsen the condition, as a build up of saliva around the corners of the lips dries out the lips rather than moisten it.

In lay terms - chapped lips, flakes of dry skin on the lips, cracked lips, bleeding of the lips, fissuring on the lips are all common symptoms and signs of cheilitis. Serious cases of cheilitis can lead to spread of infection around the whole body.

The thin layer of skin on the lips are very important and must be protected. I am sure we have all experienced some symptom of cheilitis in our lifetime! This condition can be debilitating, lead to soreness around the lips, and indicate signs of dehydration especially in younger children.

Sore and bleeding lips are not only unattractive, but can be an avoidable condition if you eat well, hydrate (let water be your best friend) and use protective and natural lip balms reducing artificial / synthesised chemicals from entering the thin layer of the lips, consequently our bodies.

Our natural lip balms were created for providing our own natural remedy and solution to this condition. Our story with creating these lip balms is steeped in my personal need to find a natural solution to my then 9 year old son's chapped lips condition. Our lip balms are all naturally handmade, carefully formulated and can be used by all skin types. With playing a lot of outdoor physical sports, my son developed severe cheilitis at one point that actually led to impetigo, a skin condition that is infectious! Three years, down the line, there has been no signs of the chapped lips we came to know then despite his love of  outdoor sports. He carries one of my lip balms everywhere and hydrates as a result of a nagging mother on his case:-)


 How to prevent chapped lips and cheilitis?

  •  Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate, especially in sunny hot weather. 
  • Healthy diet especially water dense vegetables and fruits helps to hydrate further.
  • Protect your lips with our natural lip balms full of protective sheabutter, anti-bacterial and anti inflammatory properties.
  • You can use natural lip scrubs,first to remove dead skin, however, I think if the lips are already broken due to some form of bleeding, scrub gently and not abrasively.
  • Choose lipsticks that are not drying,and if you can't find a moisturising lipstick, use our natural lip balms as a primer before applying lipstick.
  • Finally, if you do have a severe case of cheilitis, please see your GP. 


We have a variety of lip balms to choose from. Each lip balm is formulated with

-Natural sheabutter

-Cold pressed virgin sweet almond oil *

- Organic Beeswax

-Organic Coconut oil

-Organic cocoa butter 

-Organic cold pressed oil and  essential oils 

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